Wednesday, February 23, 2005

6 Days to go

Its official... we go to th USA in 6 days. Totally stoked! We start in New York, then head to Virginia where we will play some shows, then we head to Austin Texas before hitting California for the best part of a month of gigs. We then finish up in Nashville for a few days of GMA before heading home and then straight back to Hong Kong for a week. It is going to be fantastic! Cant wait to bust the didge out and take some Koori culture to America. I am going to miss home but its only for 2 months, and I'll be back in sunny Melbourne again for 7 whole weeks. Looking at the net, I am just amazed at how big everything seems in America. Don't think Ill be able to really get it till I see it. Been practicing my stage banter though...."Crikey our CD is good" "Thats not a cd, this is a cd" "Isn't this cd a beauty..." Anyway, if you're a praying person, please pray for us as we head on this trip!


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