Monday, March 14, 2005


Well we've been in the USA for 2 weeks now and it is a rockin place. New York is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It is just amazing and nothing I say will do it justice, so I am not going to try. Ill just say that it is amazing! We drove from there last week to Richmond Virginia where we lead Worship and played some tunes and generally had a great time entertaining people of all ages over the ourse of the day. There were 2 Church services, a concert and 2 youth groups that we played at and spoke to. 5 gigs in a day! Simon was able to get the deal of the century on a new 5 string stingray, so that was very cool. I am shocked at how cheap music gear is here! I wish I had some bucks to take advantage of it! We left Richmond on the Tuesday and drove to Nashville where we hooked up with Paul Colman and got to watch hima dn his new band (as well as Bulding 429, a guy called Klass ( a rocking German singer/songwriter) and Tree 63 do a showcase gig for their label and some media. A kind of prelude to the tour Paul and the rest of them are now on. It was sensational and incredibly inspiring. From there, we spent the next 4 days driving across America on the 40 West highway (otherwise known as route 66) and got to LA yesterday arvo. We played at a Church in a place called Corona last night and had a great time and a great resonse. Some amazing people from the Church are letting us go stay in their ski lodge tonight, so that will be awesome! From here, we go to San Diego next weekend for 5 gigs over the weekend. Sholud be a blast!


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