Monday, March 21, 2005

San Diego

Well this weekend was awesome. We lead Worship and played our tunes as well to over 3500 people at a Church outside of San Diego. Turns out that this Church like the others we've played a on this tour was so cool. The senoir Pastor is the father of Jon and Tim from Swithfoot. The Switchfoot boys were at Church over the weekend and we got to meet them and hang out with them a little. All up it was a great time. This week we head up to Oregon, where we're playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then back to Hollywood to play at the Backstage Cafe on Tuesday night. Its gonna be a great week.


Blogger Tiff- #1 Fan! said...

Switchfoot are really cool!!! They are very lucky to be allowed to hang out with The Darlow Show.

I'm busy selling Darlow Show albums to people here in Australia. Let them listen...and then they want one!

Hey, do you know that your albums are in the Word bookstore catalogue now? SO COOL!

Take care!

4:12 AM  

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