Thursday, September 29, 2005


Beautiful one day, perfect the next!!!

I love this place. Looks like we are going to be up here until early Dec, so look out for us if youre a Queenslander. We are at Gateway Baptist Church this Sunday night. 6pm so be there if youre around. NRL grand final on the big screen upstairs afterwards. Well Hong Kong and China were awesome. We played at a regional school in China. It was amazing. The students put on a traditional Chinese dance/performance for us that will be remembered for a long time. We got to go to the hospital for elderly leporosy patients again which was mind blowing. In hong Kong, we lead Worship at St Andrews Church in Nathan road-the same Church I grew up at for many years, so that was a blast, and we played and I preached at St Andrews in Sha Tin-they are an awesome bunch.

Anyway, the new record is being written as we speak and is coming along great. Already, I have fallen in love with a few of the ew songs. Secret Self is a certain starter and one we are all excited about.

Feel free to drop us an email to say hey.

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